Toilets Don’t Talk. Shut up and Eat!


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First off, there’s one thing I need you to know before we get started. I don’t care how much you’ve paid, I don’t care if you’ve done this before, and I don’t care how you feel. TOILETS DON’T TALK. Just shut up and open your trap like a good toilet and take all my shit. And let’s not kid ourselves–you WANT this, you actually WANT to eat a woman’s shit–you’re pathetic, *choosing* to be a toilet means you choose to have no voice.

You’re not even a person anymore, you’re just an appliance. So get fucking under me. You know, where you belong. And keep your jaw open–I don’t care if it aches, you keep it open and you stay shut-the-fucked-UP. You’ll do as I command, toilet. I’ll tell you how to take all my shit in your mouth, til it’s closing your throat. I hope you enjoy super nasty shit because that’s all I’ve got for you today. That’s right, I ate a lot of cheese, so my shit is DISGUSTING. Make no mistake: THIS SHIT IS VILE. You’re gonna have to take it all like a fucking object, aren’t you, toilet? Go ahead and gag if you have to, I’ll just make sure to FLUSH it down your pipes if you do. You don’t even get to chew until I let you.

You like this stinky asshole? You like how I gape it over and over again over your useless trap? You like my ass, my pussy, and my perky porn star tits? Well too fucking bad, you don’t get to fuck hot girls–you’re just a toilet. And ugly losers like you only get to eat SHIT. Go on, take it all in. I want that shit sliding down your THROAT.


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