Tasting My Wet Shit Snake

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My roommates are just outside the bathroom, so I sneak in a hot shitty smear before jumping in the shower. I touch myself and wink my open asshole at you, then get down on the floor and spread my legs as I shit a nice long snake of a turd onto the floor while peeing, then grab a wet piece and smear it over my ass cheeks and my tits. I show you my turd pile before I enjoy tasting my shit while making eye contact with you through my sexy mask. Then I pull my cheeks apart and show you how hot and messy I am, mmm~

2 reviews for Tasting My Wet Shit Snake

  1. Castor (verified owner)

    Dear Mistress, I have to kneel and pray

  2. jaketheman94 (verified owner)

    Sexy Rachelle smears a long hot turd all over her very suckable tits. Until today I never considered eating shit. After purchasing and watching several of Rachelle’s videos today, I would gratefully enjoy devouring her sacred shit in person if the opportunity ever arises. Not likely that it will but at least I can express my Rachelle wish list.

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