Take Care Of Your Mistress, Little Toilet


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Your Mistress hovers over you as you lay under my throne, addressing you with a soft, husky voice. You’ve been taking real good care of me lately, slave. I’ve been hurting, after my surgery. Giving me rides, helping me dress and undress, cooking for me, helping me in and out of bed. You’ve served your Mistress just like a good servant should, slave. And now, after all this time, I’m finally ready to take a shit. You said you’d take care of ALL my needs, didn’t you? 😉

And this poop is gonna be HUGE. I haven’t had a poop in 5 days, slave. First 2 days I wasn’t allowed food or water, so I was *starving*–afterwards, I’ve gorged myself for the next 3 days. I tell you ALL the food I’ve eaten that’s now ready to burst out my asshole and into your waiting mouth. I moan with pain and describe how it feels as I push out a HUUGE, thick poo in your mouth!

Eat it all, slave. I want you to chew it up and eat it raw. I need you to be your Mistress’s human toilet, and take care of me. How does it taste, hmm? Sweet? Earthy? Bitter? Either way, you’re going to gobble it all down. I don’t want you to leave a single bite behind, slave.

**DISCLAIMER: For those who are curious, I actually *did* have emergency surgery recently, and this is my first post-op poop! It’s HUGE, very thick, and I’m grateful I felt well enough in that moment to be able to film. I’m still very touch and go right now. But no joke… I ate a LOT of food, and the list goes on and on! <3 You can read more here https://www.loverachelle2.com/2017/10/had-emergency-surgery-will-get-to-your-orders-expect-1-3-week-delays/


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