Shit & Piss On Chest… Smearing JOI!

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Shut up. You don’t even have to say anything. You’re a dirty little piggy, aren’t you? Coming to see a woman like me 😉 You’re new to this filthy way of life, aren’t you? Very well then… let’s start you off with something light, shall we? Oh, maybe extreme or unbelievably perverse for your average man, but light compared to what I could be doing to you, I promise 😉

I hover over you, and push a big stinky load of shit on your chest! Doesn’t the poop stink, and feel hot on your skin? Smear it for me, all over your chest…come on, you can do better than that 😉 I’ll make bit easier for you, and spray you all over with my hot piss! Now you can mix that shit and piss together, and smear yourself all over and fully…. from the top of your chest down to your balls 😉

Touch yourself, pig. Jerk yourself off with my waste, go faster only when I tell you, and cum only when I say….!

1 review for Shit & Piss On Chest… Smearing JOI!

  1. rachelles_toilet (verified owner)

    Great video and dirty talk. Next time, instead of the camera being so close can you move the camera back so we can see all of you while you shit and talk dirty? Love the smearing instructions. Please do more of those.

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