Shit ‘n Chips

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You have so many snacks and chips left over after the Super Bowl… but you’re all out of salsa! Don’t you worry tho baby, since you’ve been so good lately, I’ll make you my “special” salsa, nice and hot… aw, don’t make me say what it is… you’re gonna make me blush… I’ll let you watch me in my sexy outfit while your treat finishes baking in the oven 😉 You salivate as you watch me push out some hot, thick turds onto a snack plate and pile the chips on and feed you some shit n chips… open wide, baby <3 Mm, good boy~

1 review for Shit ‘n Chips

  1. worshipyou (verified owner)

    I just received my first gift from Rachelle today; some poo-nut butter cups and several chocolate shit cookies. My intention was to start with the poo-nut butter cups along with a video of Rachelle sharing it with me. After searching this was the most attractive— Rachelle’s true beauty is oh so evident in this video. Her beautiful smile, captivating eyes, absolutely perfect breasts, and gorgeous pussy actually overshadow the shit as it flows from her unbelievable ass.

    Watching this video, especially while eating Rachelle’s sweet poo, is damn near an out of body experience. I did forego the poo-nut butter cup as I felt I needed to have the very intimate whole experience of tasting Rachelle’s shit— direct and unadulterated— so I grabbed a shit cookie and carefully pealed the cookie away leaving her pure gift to consume.

    I watched the video multiple times, as Rachelle’s wonderful personality and sexy voice simply jumps off the screen at you and damn near takes possession of your thoughts. The fifth time around I fed on her actual shit as she offered it to me in the video….

    The video alone is to die for; throw in a mouth full of Rachelle’s delicious shit and you will think you’ve gone to heaven!

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