Shit n’ Bake You A Batch of Poop Brownies


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Making a whole batch of deliciously shit-chunky poop brownies just for you! You don’t have to share these with anyone, baby 😉 And you get a perfect view of the THICK and rich turd pushing out of my ass, and shown off to you in some hot close-ups. I tease you in my hot heels, naughty panties and crop top, pushed up to show off my pert tits, as I walk you through the magic-makin bakin’ process! I make sure to also bend over and blow a few farts into the batter when the urge hits me… whew, stinky! 😉

(when I poop I took off the heels/panties to be comfortable… but I’ve put them back on for the rest of the vid)


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