Ripping Farts & Shitting

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My ass is filled with warm farts tonight, and I blasted them all over your face 😉 Throughout the night my asshole crackled and oozed deliciously stinky farts, first in my jeans at work, then in the public bathroom where I fingered my gassy hole and dug out a few sweet little turds before eventually making my way home to pinch the cutest filth-loaf ever on the helpless floor before jumping in the shower <3

1 review for Ripping Farts & Shitting

  1. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great video! If you are like me, you’ll watch it again and again. At the start, Rachelle gives some fantastic extended close-up views of her butt in nice-fitting jeans; those scenes are sexy and exciting, and to me are already enough to make this video worthwhile. Those scenes make me yearn to gently rub my face all over every area of her butt in those inviting-looking jeans of hers, and then to kiss her deep in the crack, again and again, kissing every spot along that sexy middle seam in the seat of her pants. :-O

    But all gets fantastically better as she farts too, again and again! 🙂

    When finally she lets out her big #2, and finishes by giving you a nice extra-close look at it, I bet you’ll eagerly want to go back and re-watch her farting at the beginning, because now you’ve seen what those farts came past! Now you know they really must be deliciously intense!

    There’s no teasing in this video; our gal Rachelle just wants to fart and poop after a long day at work, and she does it right all in your face, like it is a casual everyday thing — which I personally find VERY exciting!! I highly recommend you give this one a try.

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