Pre-Poop Farts

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My ass was filled with farts tonight, so I took out my camera and rush to a bathroom to try and catch them! Lots of closeups, farts and giggles. By the end of the night I’m in another bathroom. I’m all out of farts and drop two cute turds on the floor, which I gather up to show off and lick with a smile <3 (Video is half face, but you see my mouth loving on that shit, mmm~)

1 review for Pre-Poop Farts

  1. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    After seeing her butthole let numerous farts, you get to watch Rachelle’s pussy open wide as well as her butthole when she finally can poop and not just fart! At the end,she spends a good while showing off what she’s finally succeeded in letting out. From how her poop looks, you know that the farts leading up to had to be some good-smelling ones. 🙂

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