Poopy Foot Fetish


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I follow your command… 😉

“Start by Lifting your skirt and showing me your ass. Rub your fingers up and down your crack and then smell your fingers good. Do that for a bit in some different poses. Take of one boot and smell you stocking foot a for a bit, then peal the stocking off and smell your bare foot too with long deep sniffs from heel to toes. Take the other boot off and start smelling that stocking foot deeply, But this time leave that stocking on.

“Now stick you finger deep in your ass and get it dirty. Take it out and smell it.. do it several times in different positions. Then rub your dirty shitty fingers in between your toes and then smell your foot. Then alternate smelling the stocking foot too. Now you can’t hold it in anymore and take a shit. Dip your toes in the poop and smell them.”


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