Open WIDE, Intern! Office TOILET Job Interview

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You come in for a job interview as an intern, and your new potential boss has you meet her in the break room, explaining that renovations mean that you can’t meet in the office… she also tells you that the position has already been filled, but to not be upset, she has ANOTHER position she needs filling. See, the office isn’t the only thing being renovated. The bathroom is as well, and she needs a toilet. She also believes you can do the job, as you seem the type who’s able to take some shit 😉 you want the job? Then make sure to get under that ass, and open wide!

If you gobble it all down, she’ll use you as her toilet every day and let you use your tongue as toilet paper, and let you gobble up all the shit and piss from all the other ladies in the office as well! Just be careful to finish it all, if you can’t finish off the shit, she’ll have you serve as the “men’s” room, too… 😉

1 review for Open WIDE, Intern! Office TOILET Job Interview

  1. rachelles_toilet (verified owner)

    Once again, Rachelle will turn you into her toilet. Can you make some videos instructing and demanding us on how to smear your shit? I frequently fantasize smearing your shit all over myself and down my face. I would love to hear you dominate and humiliate us by instructing us on how to smear. Tell us how addicted we are and how we crave to smear your shit all over our self. Please laugh at our humiliation as you turn us into your shit covered pig.

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