My Shit Tastes Good… See? Now EAT It!


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In sexy red crotchless lingerie I struggle to keep in my poo–groundhogging over and over until I couldn’t handle it anymore, and my giant load poured right out of my helpless hole. I shit on a plate for you–and it is a MASSIVE shit! Huge and HEAVY, feels like a whole pound of shit or more. Starts out thick and hard and slowly smooths and oozes out at the end. My ass is filthy now. Lick it clean for me!

You liked the taste of my filthy ass? That’s just the appetizer. I show you my shit up close and entice you to sniff it, then lick it–oh, you shy? Here, it tastes good! I’ll show you. I lick and taste my delicious shit over and over again–see, I like it, and you will, too. You can do better than just lick my ass clean, you can eat my shit, too. Go on, just take a bite out of it. I know you’re gonna LOVE eating my shit 😉


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