My Shit Logs Landing On Your FACE

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Look at you, little toilet,, waiting under my throne with your mouth hanging open, ever ready to eat my divine shit. In fact, I can’t help but mock you for always seeming to be waiting under my throne, day and night, waiting for my stinky gifts. I sit down and grace you with my gigantic load, pushing out my stinky heavy shit logs all over your face!! You’re exactly where you belong, slave, under a pile of my shit! Make sure to wipe that shit from your eyes and eat it all, slave… I will be back!

2 reviews for My Shit Logs Landing On Your FACE

  1. atlantique (verified owner)

    😍😍😍 man what I wouldn’t give to make out with her chocolate hole 😍

  2. abelsoul (verified owner)

    Anyone have a fantasy of having a gorgeous Mistress with a perfect bubble butt sit above them and take a huge shit like it’s completely natural and normal?

    If so, this clip is for you.

    Mistress Rachelle’s aim is perfect and makes it feel like the viewer is inside the clip. Plus she adds her trademark humiliation to drill home her opinion that the viewer is nothing more than her toilet.

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