Making You My Toilet


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We’re in the middle of some bedroom play and and I’m checking in with you to make sure all the bondage knots have you tied up well and good. I start to strip, revealing my sexy lingerie underneath my outfit, and mention with concern how I’ve wanted to talk to you about something. I reveal that I know you’ve been spying on me in the bathroom, that I’ve heard you squealing in the hallway in-between bouts of my tremendous rumbling shits, and that I’ve seen you sneak in after I leave to gulp in the smell left behind. I tell you I know you’re a dirty little shit lover, and that I can tell that all you want is to desperately suck my shit down. I tease you about it for a while… before deciding I’m going to make you a happy little poo lover and that I’ll enjoy training you to become my new toilet 😉

Haha… just look at you, how excited and desperate you look. Be patient, “slave”… you can’t do anything while you’re all tied up now, can you? I bet if you weren’t you’d launch right across the room to suck my hole… I rub my tummy as I tell you about the delicious turd I have baking for you 😉 I turn around and show you my winking butthole and tease you. I hope this was a nice surprise for you, but you better choke down all my shit or no sex for a month! I push out my load onto your face, encouraging you to finish it all… take my time, slave. Savor the taste.. you won’t be getting anything else to eat until I come back tomorrow night.


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