Lick the Length of My Turd

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Teasing you with my thick, plump ass, I tell you how I need to shit and can’t wait to lay out a delicious treat on this plate. I peel off my thong and push out one really long, beautiful turd out onto it, and show it off, marveling at how sexy it is and how much it stinks. I taste it, mmm, it’s so good, and teasingly drag my tongue back and forth over this long beautiful poop, letting you watch up close, before giving you a big smile, and telling you how lucky you’d have to be to get to be the one to eat this long-ass tasty turd of mine~

2 reviews for Lick the Length of My Turd

  1. nalo (verified owner)

    You’re so wonderful when you’re licking your turd with your so sexy tongue. What a beauty you are.

  2. Huba (verified owner)

    steam is key! as well as the rubber like bounce back. nICE ♞☤♨︎☼

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