I’ll EAT Some SHIT… You Eat The Rest!

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Yes… in this video, I eat a yummy bite of shit! <3 And it's a really beautiful load, too 😉 quite mouth watering… or at least, I thought so! 😉

I caught you stealing my clothes–eventually I noticed that all my panties had gone missing–but here's the catch, it was only after they were all filthy and used… and not the usual kind of filthy. I bet you've been licking the shitty crotches in my panties clean, haven't you? Haha, don't even try to deny it 😉 I bet these accusation are turning you on, aren't they? You really that hungry for my shit, babe? Hope you're ready for the real deal! I poop out a long, slow, beautiful load on a plate, and tell you to sniff it. I show you how I want you to lick my shit…. how to eat it… now watch me 😉 and copy me, you'll have to eat the rest… now then 😉 hope you're hungry, you little perv..

1 review for I’ll EAT Some SHIT… You Eat The Rest!

  1. jeremy (verified owner)

    A highly motivational video, in which , yes, Rachelle does actually eat some of her own shit, and after the lead up to it, she does so without flinching or anything. prior to the actual eating, Rachelle repeatedly licks her fine product! all in all a superb video, which is probably appreciated more by people (like me) who have eaten Rachelle,s shit. Because once you have “done it” you want more!!

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