Huge Soft Serve Order For Lucky Pig


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There’s a reason why you’ve come to me, and it goes without say: I’m the very best scat model out there. I’m the most in demand, the most popular, and the most successful model living, selling and shitting today. And not only that, but unlike most of those other girls, I’m actually INTO scat, just like you. I get off to scat porn, and my own shit (and I describe what my favorite kind of logs are… poop comes in such a variety, and my ass delivers as such!)

I talk to you during my videos and guide you through the process of enjoying and consuming my “gifts”. My custom video/poop combination orders deliver and you will love them. Here, enjoy a hot, HUGE soft serve load, fresh from the oven and with bits of seeds and grains from the healthy foods I eat, and mailed right to your doorstep, perfect to smear, slurp, and use as lube for the hottest shit jerk of your life!


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