Hot AssFuck Makes Me Shit A Log

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I’ve been a bad little kitty, haven’t I? Don’t I deserve to be punished? I think this ass needs a POUNDING. My boyfriend helps tame this horny naughty little pussy with some ass play–stuffing my ass with his fingers and making me cry with pleasure… we’re both dirty talkers and I’m vocal–a screamer 😉 and I can’t get enough of him stuffing my little whore mouth with his dirty ass-stained fingers, having me suck and lick his thick cock…. but kitty doesn’t want his milk in her mouth, she wants it splurting inside her shit-filled ass <3

My little pucker is so tight my boyfriend has to force his way through it until he's finally inside, and my hole swallows him whole 😉 He can feel my shit brushing up against his cock and we get super hot from our filthy scat dirty talk, pushing my shit up further inside my poop chute with his ramming cock, and how badly we want him to cum all over my shit when he's inside my asshole, mixing his cum and my chocolate to make some cookies n' cream… 😉 He cums in my ass and I can't hold in my shit any longer–I shit all over my nice pristine futon, and give you all some naughty close-ups… 😉

(About Us: My boyfriend is a newcomer to scat and is slowly building up his comfort/interest in this kink with me, so far he loves filthy scat dirty talk, feeling my shit inside my ass, stirring up my insides, how hot this shit-kink makes me feel, and loves having me suck his dirty fingers and cock clean afterwards 😉 We're happy to make our second video together to show you guys our fun 😉 Looking forward to making more and slowly raising the bar!)

1 review for Hot AssFuck Makes Me Shit A Log

  1. burusera (verified owner)

    You don’t want to miss this. The video is very high quality. Lots of ass fingering, lovely doggystyle mostly shot in POV. You get to see Rachelle’s ass and breasts jiggle as she’s getting fucked, which is a huge plus for me. She shits at the end, though I would’ve liked to see it before or during the fucking. It’s hard to find scat-centered couples fucking that isn’t overdone or with any genuine sensuality, so this one is one you want to grab if you want some good, enthusiastic porn. I definitely recommend grabbing this one. Thanks, Rachelle. You’re really doing the community a service. ??

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