Giantess Shits On Tiny, Puny Man


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Giantess clip 🙂 I walk in and a small man is on my favorite see-through chair, and I unknowing sit on him. It feels like somethings under my ass, so I bounce my butt on the tiny man, then notice he is there and I pick him up, make him smell my humungous giantess butthole, fuck my butthole a little with his whole body as he cries out and screams, and threaten to eat him and turn him into my shit… then I rub him on my pussy while I consider his punishment… I decide there’s no way he’s ever going to satisfy me! And I won’t bother eating him, since he’s already been in my ass 😉 So I stick him back inside my butthole and poop him out, burying him in my HUGE giantess shit!


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