Feeding Daddy


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(Video features father-daughter scat incest! All fantasy of course)

Hi Daddy! It’s so good to see you 🙂 Thanks so much for coming to visit me… Oh, and you’re hungry? Well well, I have a feeling I know what you want, coming over to see me while Mommy’s out of the house… afterall, you still like playing with your little girl, even when she’s all grown up, don’t you? 😉 And aren’t you lucky, I’ve got a meal “baking” for you in the oven, too.. you know how much I like to please Daddy! I like to hold it in for days at a time, just to make sure you’ve got a great big meal when you come to see me <3

I already got a plate right here, ready for you 😉 Don't I know you so well? I pull down my panties and show off my tight little pussy and pucker–do you like how I look, Daddy? Then you'll like how this looks even more–watch me poop out your meal! A big, thick log pushes out my tight little hole and I groan with enjoyment as it hits the plate. Yum! Aren't you going to lick your little girl clean, Daddy? 😉 Clean me up!

Mmm, doesn't your little princess's poop look so tasty, Daddy? Go on, I know you're just salivating and can't resist. Gobble it up while it's hot! You know I love to watch you eat my poop <3 Bottoms up, Daddy!


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