Feeding You My BIGGEST Shit EVER!

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**Literally the BIGGEST shit I’ve ever filmed… WOW!! You can see the final product in the attached pics!**

You’re not like my other clients… they’re all too weak to try what you’re here for. You want to go all the way, because you actually have the guts, and I can’t believe I finally get to do this–I finally get to feed a man my SHIT! I strip and tease you, telling you how hot this build up has been for me, I’ve always wanted to feed a man but every single one of them was too pussy to go for it–and here you are, cock in your hand and your mouth hanging open like a dog begging for a treat! I tease you with a few appetizers… letting you lick my ass, posing for you, describing the pleasurable pressure I feel all around the ring of my asshole while I’m burning with the need to shit…!

I moan with tremendous relief as I push ALL that my shit into your waiting mouth–expressing the feeling of being so fucking stretched and how good it feels–toying with my clit at the feeling and cumming hard at the site of you eagerly eating all of me–taking everything I’ve ever wanted to give to a man, and have him worship even the waste that comes from my ass… God damn, watching you eat my shit is the hottest fucking thing ever… so hot, in fact, that next time, I should pay you… 😉

2 reviews for Feeding You My BIGGEST Shit EVER!

  1. Donald (verified owner)

    I can not stop watching this video. Just thinking of Rachelle feeding me her biggest shit ever will send me to heaven. Everybody should get this video.

  2. eddielovesrachelle666 (verified owner)

    nice storyline and great to see her naked body close to the cam. love some poses she is doing. she shits a big turd out of her ass and great to see her playing with her self after she dumped the torpedo

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