Face Sitting While I Shit In Your Mouth

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I want you down on your knees behind me and watch as I spread my cheeks, go on, kiss my butthole, baby, taste my shitter and take in all my smells. Lick it, slipping your tongue inside while I touch myself, it’s SUCH a fucking turn on that you’re plunging right in and tonguing my shit right through my tight little pucker, I love your enthusiasm for my ass, and how badly you want all that shit in there! 😉 Lay down beneath me baby, I wanna give you the real thing…

You lay down on your back and I squat over you, rubbing my butthole against your lips–wrap them around my pucker, baby, suck my hole as I start to push… As my butthole opens you feel my shit with your tongue… mmm, that’s right baby, suck my turds out of my ass! God, I fucking love how you suck on them between your teeth! I shit my whole load onto your handsome face, your mouth gaping open to catch it all as you’re fisting your cock, and I touch myself and crash over the edge, cumming on top of you with my shit clogging your throat.

3 reviews for Face Sitting While I Shit In Your Mouth

  1. Donald (verified owner)

    Wow, what can I say? The close ups were great and all I could think about was my mouth being filled with Rachelle’s hot shit.

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    I have a bunch of Rachelle’s vids. She is, by far, my go-to scat Goddess of choice. And this video is, by far, my favorite of them all. It has so much to offer:
    An ass worshiping session with Rachelle’s gloriously large ass filling out her tight and slightly stained panties.
    An ass*hole* worshiping session. Watch it wink and blink as you imagine your tongue sliding in and out of that dank, sweaty, stinky chocolate hole.
    A wonderfully dominant and desperate-to-poop Rachelle draws out the anticipation as she towers over you, showing off her slick pussy and quivering turd cutter. You rim her bung hole with your tongue, waiting for her to drop the load. What will it look like? How will it smell? How will it taste today?
    Finally, the turd itself emerges. In chunks and pieces it flows on… and on. There’s a lot to this one. Not just length, not just girth, not just hard chunks and slippery tubes. You can actually see a full bean in there. So much complexity, so much texture. So in awe!
    Finally, Rachelle rubs out an incredible orgasm on top of your face. Can you imagine your mouth filled with her giant turds as she lays a juicy orgasm all over your face? Imagine no more!
    I think what sends this video to the next level is Rachelle’s constant narration throughout. Something desperate in her commands to you lets you know she is REALLY into this. Incredible. I’ve come to this so many times and it never gets old!

  3. James (verified owner)

    This one reinforces just how intimate and amazing scat can be. It’s almost always shown as extreme or just gross, but here you feel Rachelle’s urgency and connection. Like she might be your newish girlfriend who persuaded you to come over and find she’s gotten herself carried away in some personal fantasy.

    +s : She’s talking herself into an intense cum session here, and she’s going to talk you into one too. The progression is just right. I love the asshole showoff combined with dirty talk more than seeing a shit on the floor, and she does it for several minutes, building up from panty grinding and ass spreading to commenting on her asshole smell and how she wants you to “make out with her asshole.” Go ahead, shoot a load to that line. She’ll talk you back up when she switches camera views from behind her to straddling you with her asshole and beginning to shit. The “God, girl” she moans to herself as she rubs one out was an all-time great for me, like she’s forgotten all about the camera and is just lost in the moment. Also, there’s a pinto bean that shows up four or five turds deep and surprised me somehow. I was into her hole and pussy rubbing and then there it is, huh. Just as well she didn’t eat it cause it would have short circuited my brain.

    —s : Nothing.

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