Eat My Shit, and I’ll Be Your Girlfriend!


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Tee hee, don’t you think I look cute in this dress my mommy got me, Mister? I’m glad you followed me to the bathroom and away from the party… I’ve noticed you looking at me, mister, and I can tell that you like me… hee, you want me to be your girlfriend, don’t you? You want me to LIKE like you? Well, okay… but you’ll have to do what I tell you… stay down on the floor… and look at my butthole, heehee, okay, now kiss it. That’s right, kiss my little butthole. Sniff it! Eat my farts! 🙂 Tee hee, c’mon, you want me to be your little girlfriend, don’t you? Okay… I have an even bigger present for you… can you guess what it is? Watch closely…

..That’s right, it’s a big pile of poo! I poop right in your face and tell you to clean me up–you gotta keep me clean to keep my mommy happy, don’t you? After all, I’m a sweet, innocent little girl…. and if you wanna be my boyfriend, you gotta do exactly as I say! Or I’ll tell on you…;) Now go on, lick my shit.. if you do, I’ll like you like you… that’s it… go and lick it, like this… See? Watch me lick my own poop–now you do it. Tasty, isn’t it? Tee hee. And you gotta do it, otherwise… well, I’ll show mommy this video. HAH! That’s right, I’ve been recording the whole time… so really, instead of my boyfriend, it’s more like you’re going to become my toilet slave… doesn’t that sound like fun? 😉 And soon, you’ll be eating my shit and drinking my piss, and licking me clean every day, because you belong to me now, mister!


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