Eat My Shit or PAY


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You’ve fucked up now, perv. I caught you watching us schoolgirls again, and I got proof. Like me, you’re about to graduate–but I could really fuck you over right now, couldn’t I? But you just won’t learn. This isn’t the first time you’ve been caught snooping on us girls and this time I’m going to have to up the ante. It’s not enough to just get your ass kicked, is it? Let’s see if I can take this further 😉 I’m sure you’re interested in some real punishment by now. How about, instead of me posting the vids of you spying on us girls, you agree to do everything I say and become my slave?

We start with some teasing and sock sniffing, you watch me reveal my tits and you must be thinking, “hey, maybe this punishment won’t be so bad”, and when I force you to sniff my dirty thong, you must be pretty excited and can’t believe your luck. You like this butt plug I always wear so bad too, loser? Go on, lick it for me. I’ve worn it for days. Taste all those days worth of unwashed ass on there. You like that? Good. Cuz I got a lot more of that ass taste where that came from!

That’s right, I hope you’re ready for your real punishment, cuz unless you want me to ruin your life, you’re going to eat my shit. I push and strain, my turds stretching my poor abused hole as they all tumble out my ass before you. Ew, doesn’t my shit just stink? Now gobble them up, perv. Don’t pretend that there’s any way out of this. You’re going to lick, chew and eat every last bite of my shit. Then MAYBE I’ll let you off the hook. Now go on… open wide! You got a real mess to clean up! 😉


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