Delicious Spit-Drenched SHIT Sub Sandwich

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Hi there 😉 I know I’ve been expecting you as my guest, but I’m sorry to say that I just don’t keep much food in the house, I like to eat out. All I got lying around is a loaf of bread, practically. But don’t you worry.. I’ve got a great idea for what I can make you… 😉 Close your eyes…

…and VIOLA! I’ve created an incredibly MASSIVE shit sub sandwich for you! I garnish the sandwich with my spit to give it more flavor 😉 Then remember–I have a whole vial of spit I spent HOURS collecting all ready to go! I swish the container around, you can see the cloudy spit inside! I pour a whole OUNCE of saliva allll over your sandwich… now it’s tastier than ever!! 🙂 But wait–silly me, a boy like you needs a glass of hot golden piss to wash it down!

Now eat your GIGANTIC meal–on the floor by my perfectly manicured feet, like a dog. And eat it exactly how I tell you!

2 reviews for Delicious Spit-Drenched SHIT Sub Sandwich

  1. Castor (verified owner)

    another great new clip of our divine mistress

  2. milespk (verified owner)

    This sandwich is divine, I cannot believe the size of the load in this video, although I must admit I released an enormous load before the video was even close to finished. This is a must purchase video from Rachelle and on my favorite list.

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