Chew. Swallow… Cum With Me!


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You’ve been good to me lately, slave. Very good. You’ve taken care of every order and service I’ve asked for and more. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe… you deserve a treat. For your good behavior. Would you like that, slave? All the other ones did–whether or not they did well, but you never ask for it. I tease you while asking what you’d like, touching and showcasing my tight, pert tits… would you like to touch them, slave? Feel how soft they are? Yeah? HAH! As if! No, slave, I’m going to give you a treat that’s befitting for you… something you REALLY deserve!

I spread my asscheeks, offering you full view of my pert asshole. Are you ready, slave? Because today, I’m gonna downgrade you to a full human toilet. You’re gonna get under your Mistress’ throne and swallow all the shit that comes out my ass… Open your mouth as I feed you, take it all… can you smell my super wet, dripping pussy through the smell? Touch yourself and chew that shit, slave. Jerk off while you work all that shit in your mouth. I’m fingering my pussy while shitting, feeling those turds inside as they pushy their way out… I finger myself faster, getting close… You’re not allowed to swallow until you cum with me on my count…


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