Best Fetish EVER! Tasting Delicious Poop

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This is a very special video, in that I filmed it right after filming an EXCLUSIVE custom video for a buyer who paid a very high rate to guarantee that he’d be the only person in the world to see it! But, before packing up the amazing poop I had to ship it off to him overnight, I turned the camera on and had a little fun…

My poop really turned me on, I loved the color and the look and texture, and it smelled SO good, nice and earthy 😉 You may not get to see me birth this turd in this video, but you get to hear everything I ate that went into it, how it smells, and, how it tastes…. 😉 I lick and taste my yummy log over and over and over again, it’s SO good! Lick that shit like a lollipop! I misbehave–this buyer paid SO much for his custom and the poop to go with it, but I couldn’t help myself–I ate a little bit, even though it’s all supposed to belong to him… I hope he doesn’t mind! 😉 You don’t, do you?

2 reviews for Best Fetish EVER! Tasting Delicious Poop

  1. Castor (verified owner)

    yes, that’s so cool, I’m waiting impatiently for the load of her shit, I ordered, I know that Rachelle’s shit tastes incredibly delicious, oh I love Rachelle!

  2. atlantique (verified owner)

    omggggg everything about this was amazing x) what i wouldn’t do to be your boyfriend xD haha gosh making out with you must be amazing O_O that tongue is so long and talented

    Thank you soooo much for sharing your fetish with us 🙂 and a side thank you for showing off your armpit hair and heels in this video too 😉

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