Becoming My Full Human Toilet Slave

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I’m excited to see you made it–I bet you’re excited, too! I have quite a reputation for being a great cook… normally people pay for the pleasure of having me cater to them, and here you are, a special guest in my home. But that’s not all… I also have a reputation for “entertaining” my guests 😉 Would you mind if we kinked up the evening? I undress… revealing red hot lingerie underneath…Ooh, you’re a vanilla type of guy, huh? Well then, this night is certain to be special 😉

Why don’t we try a “kink lottery”? I explain the rules of the game… and flip a coin. Looks like you win! 😉 This means you get to draw a piece of paper from the bowl, and do the kinky act on it for me.. Now reach in and let me read it……Oh, I can’t help the grin spreading all over my face right now. I hope you’re a man of your word… oh, are you? Alright, then I’ll hold you to that. Why don’t you… leave for a moment, while I prepare your dinner? 😉

You come back later, and I place a plate and fork in front of you. Oh, you’re confused? Why don’t I tell you what task you picked out… “Full Toilet Slavery”…. Shocked? No, you don’t have to drink my pee. Then you would be a normal toilet slave, but you are a full toilet slave. So, if I have to go No. 2, guess who has to swallow it? Haha, now now, be a good sport, you lost that bet fair and square… Now, I’ve got some good news and bad news: The kinklottery only lasts for an hour, so…. what are the chances that I’ll even have to go to the bathroom during that time? 🙂 Relieved? Good! So here’s the bad news… heehee… you shouldn’t have taken me to this nice Thai place with the all-you-can-eat-buffet yesterday. Dinner is ready! 😉

1 review for Becoming My Full Human Toilet Slave

  1. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    What an amazing video! I’ve never before been so turned-on by a girl’s attitude before! In this video you get a great look at Rachelle’s hot an sexy body as she teases you and entices you, and eventually sets you out a tempting plate of #2 that she holds so close you can imagine its powerful “perfume” and see every detail of its delicious brown-ness awaiting you. The view of her #2 awaiting you on the plate is good enough to see it is three different sections…I just cannot help but wonder what are the subtle differences of smell and taste between each of three sections. What about you?

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