Baking Poop Muffins… Eat Them All, Slave!

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I’m a very *kind* Mistress… well, kinder than a worm like you deserves, anyway. But what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior once in a while? What can I say, you’ve been very good lately, slave, so your Mistress is going to make you a special treat: Banana Butt Muffins. That’s right, you’re going to be eating all my poop in a batch of homemade muffins–and you’re going to eat them ALL, slave. Don’t you dare disappoint me! 😉

I push a HUGE, stinky poop right into my see-through glass bowl, and get right to work on prepping your meal, letting you watch me along each step…. finally, your batch of poop muffins are ready to take out of the oven… now, open wide!

2 reviews for Baking Poop Muffins… Eat Them All, Slave!

  1. Poopfan (verified owner)

    Wonderful, Ms. Rachelle, how You provide the perfect ingredients to feed Your slave. Your shit is enormous and beautiful as it goes into the bowl and then we get the birds-eye view of Your making Banana Butt Muffins. A joy to watch!

  2. Sydeles009 (verified owner)

    This video is too good, in fact I plan to buy the complete suite where she makes dessert

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