A Good Girl EATS Her SHIT

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I’m SUPER excited you’re finally back from work babe–I’ve been dancing in place, DESPERATE to give you a little treat 😉 I have to poop SO bad, and I can’t wait to show you! I’m so turned on by pooping, and it turns me on SO much that it turns YOU on, too! I love it when I can stink up the house right before you come home, and clog up the toilet so all you can smell when you come in is my aroma~ Well today, I want you to WATCH as it comes out–it feels big, I got all these turd logs in my booty just begging to come out!

I bend over and let you watch from behind as I poop out a BIG load–and groundhog as LONG as possible–this is a thick, SLOW shit, oozing sensuously onto your plate and dirtying my cute little butthole on its way out. And you just watched me do it! Naughty 😉 Doesn’t it stink SO good?? Mmm, yes it does… I bet it tastes good, too!

I lick my hot, thick logs, enjoying the taste <3 Delicious! I tell you how good it is, before, well, I decide, since it’s so good to lick… why not take a bite? 😉 I bite off a chunk of my shit and show it off to you between my teeth–and chew it, it’s really quite lovely babe <3 I open my mouth and let you see how creamy and poopy it is inside, before I tilt my head up and swallow it all… yum! I show you my clean tongue after, opening wide 😉 Mm, that went down so good! Now it’s your turn, baby…

2 reviews for A Good Girl EATS Her SHIT

  1. nibbler66 (verified owner)

    The lovely Rachelle is indeed a shitting goddess. I’ve been slowly devouring the huge log of fresh shit she mailed to me, content to just read her descriptions of the videos and watching the preview gifs as I ate. But last night I purchased my first video-this one-and I must say how much more delicious each bite is as I eat while watching her enjoying her heavenly dirt along with me. I had to keep rewinding her bite and chew and swallow section of the video again and again as I savored bite after delicious bite. If I keep eating at this rate, I will be replenishing my stock of her poop very shortly. Thank you Rachelle for this. This desperate shit eater is truly in heaven as mouthful after mouthful of your stinking turds melt in my mouth.
    I’ll be ordering another beautiful log soon.

  2. jaketheman94 (verified owner)

    Today was my first ever purchase of scat videos. As a result, I am pleased to say that I believe Rachelle is truly the one and only Goddess of Scat.
    I purchased 2 videos earlier today and this one is amazing, Rachelle enticed me from beginning to end with hardly any effort, as sexiness just comes natural to her whenever she speaks. I ended up purchasing 4 more excellent videos after watching this one. Rachelle is awesome! She is a hot, sexy, pretty woman that knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how to say it.. I am a very satisfied repeat customer!

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