20 Loads of Shit! Poop Bundle Collection




In this bundle you get to see me pinch off 20 lovely loads 😉 Each vid has 5 poops each! Just in case you needed to watch me shit over and over and over again… Over 20 minutes of shit, shit and more shit! Video titles and descriptions below!

“A Week Worth of Shit”
This week I took 5 shits! Lotta variety, from hard, thick, long and knobbly, to silky and firm, to fat thick balls of shit, to creamy and soft. Close ups and hi-res detail, all pushed with groaning pleasure from my tight little hole in different positions <3

“5 Smelly Poops”
I take 5 smelly poops, and most of them are super long! I just loved pushing out these sexy shits! <3

“5 Logs Pushed Out My Pucker!”
Thick poops galore <3 Pinching out 5 poops, all thick and bursting out my abused little butthole! Close ups and yawning, gaping asshole puckering after I birth these turds, moaning with pleasure and sighing with relief~! Pooping in different positons, all showing off my big pawg booty <3 Nuggets, chunks and logs, and descriptions of how my poop smells for you fellow pervs out there ?

“5 Raw Shits”
Don’t you love my raw, firm, THICK shits? Watching them burst out my tight little shithole, and watch my pussy juice stream all over my logs, and make them glisten in the light, all luscious and stinky and creamy? Of course you do, and you can’t get enough! You know you’re addicted to watching me shit ?


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