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Oh yeah, that’s right baby. This is a vid of me taking TEN hot dumps!! Sometimes I don’t always have the time or availability to have the scat play I want, but thankfully when I poop every day, I always have my camera 😉 Watch me pinch 10 loafs as my creamy pussy drips from the rectal pleasure, piss in the toilet and in a cup for you while pooping, and show off all my shits after 😉 To die for!

1 review for 10 SHITS!

  1. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    One hot pooping scene after another! About halfway through, Rachelle’s treats us to an especially-big poop that has some peanuts nicely included 🙂 Other gals’ pooping videos simply must be second-best compared to this and Rachelle’s other amazing work!

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