Surprise! DESPERATION Panty Poop!

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I sit on the toilet to file and buff my nails for a hot second and WHOA! I suddenly have a super urge to shit! It’s already pushing its way out, I clutch my cramping belly, I cant believe I’m about to shit myself! I open the toilet lid and the toilet is clogged and filled with toilet paper! FUCK! I bend over and shit my panties…and fill them up! I feel the swell back there, it’s so full, I can’t believe how warm it is…and that I seriously just DID that! A whole chunk falls out without me even taking them off first… omg! I peel off my panties and can feel the shit all smushed up against my pussy… look at this gigantic cow pie! Now what am I going to do with all this shit?!

1 review for Surprise! DESPERATION Panty Poop!

  1. Toby (verified owner)

    I love the start of Rachelle vids, whatever the scenario it is such turn on to know she is going to shit herself for us and she is getting horny doing it. Rachelle is caught short as she does her nails and as the toilet is clogged she has no option but to fill her pretty panties (lucky for us)! As always Rachelle’s face is a gorgeous sight as she fill her panties with a huge load, crackling and bulging as it oozes out the side. She shows us an enormous turd falling onto the floor, I love the way Rachelle swears in her vids and we finish off with a view of her gorgeous tits. Wonderful!

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