PantyPoop and Piss

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I felt the urge to poop while I was working out… so I strip off my workout shorts and poop and piss right in my crisp white panties! I rub my wet poopy panties and show off my shitty crack and show off my sexy load inside my panties… before slipping my soiled pair back on, smearing up my legs 😉 It’s time for me to get back to my workout.. I’m gonna be sweaty AND stinky! 😉

1 review for PantyPoop and Piss

  1. Toby (verified owner)

    This is sheer indulgence on Rachelle’s part and a singular delight for the viewer! Rachelle wantonly decides to shit herself and then loses no time in filling her panties with a nice thick load. Watching her face as she shits is a real turn-on then as she pisses her panties too, you would be hard pushed not to go over the edge!. Rachelle treats us to look at her lovely firm tits as she plays with her clit through her wet dirty panties. Showing her mess and her dirty hole and pussy then putting her full panties back on to carry on her work out. Lovely video!

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