Panty Poop BUNDLE! Messy, Stinky, Yummy ;)



“Cum With Shit In Mouth & Pooped Panties”
I cum squealing with my mouth stuffed with delicious shit in this vid <3 I swallow the melted shit ooze sitting on my tongue, showing you before and after I swallow. I poop my pink bikini panties till they’re overflowing and you see how soaked my shit-covered pussy is up close afterwards, I’m flushed and literally *dripping* in front of the camera.
And of course, I moan with pleasure as I fill my panties, and gush about how much I enjoy pooping my panties, and how much I’m looking forward to sharing this with you šŸ˜‰ You get to watch, and if you’re good, you even get to keep my filthy panties after.

“Satin Panties Destruction”
Time for you to sit back and watch šŸ˜‰ cuz I’m gonna put on a show! I absolutely love these new satin panties you got me, they feel sooo good on my booty <3 Don’t you wanna see how they look on me? You deserve a real eye-full, don’t you? Ooh, that’s *perfect*, cuz that’s *just* what I had in mind. I got a show I just KNOW you’re gonna love… and that I’ve been dying to show you, actually šŸ˜‰ And oh yes, I *know* you’re gonna like it… you really think I haven’t checked out your browser history?
Lean in close babe, really take a close look at my ass in these panties–cuz I’m gonna FILL em šŸ˜‰ That’s right, I’m pushing my turd out in these fancy satin panties, stinking up the room right as they bulge right in your face šŸ˜‰ I groan with pleasure and describe the sensation of just going right in my panties! I’m so turned on, I rub my clit through my poopy panties and cum! <3
Heehee, wanna see how these panties look now? I peel them off and they are DESTROYED, aren’t I such a mess? šŸ˜‰ Maybe next time, you can even lick me clean..

“Pooping My Panties For You”
Oh baby, I’m so excited you’re finally home, I have a surprise for you <3 In fact, there’s something I’ve been really, really dying to finally share with you… something I’ve been wanting to do in front of you, but never had the courage until now, that I think you’d like to see it… oh baby, PLEASE tell me you’ll pay attention to me and watch! I really really REALLY have to show you, RIGHT NOW!!
I can’t hold my poop in any longer!! I DESPERATELY have to poop, I beg you to watch me, whining with the need to poo, please watch me fill my underwear hun, watch me poop my panties <3 <3 Oooh.. it’s so much, the poop is pushing its way through my tight panties! It stinks and it feels SO warm, I love how it feels against my pussy!
I wanna cum hun, and I want you to watch, my panties are getting so dirty and I have poop all over my pussy babe, please watch me… I can’t stop touching myself, the dirtiness of it all turns me on soooo much <3 I’m gonna cum….!!

“Suck My Shitty Underwear Clean, Loser”
You want my underwear, you little weirdo? Oh, I’ll make sure I’ll give you to you, nice and dirty. But you’ll have to amuse me, got it? You’re no just going to clean my shitty panties when I’m done with them–oh no, you’re going to go a bit further than that. For me. I let you watch me fill these panties with my shit load–you can see the pair bulge from my hard turd filling them up.
I peel off the panties and show off how nasty they are and how filthy I am dirtying these panties up for you, too. Now follow my instructions, loser–I want you to take these panties and wrap them around your dick… and jerk off with my shitty underwear–CUM in my them. Are they soaked? Covered in my shit stains AND your cum? Good.
Now put my shit stained panties to your mouth and suck the shit and cum off them, loser


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