My First 100 Videos! 13 HOURS of POOP!

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After years of loving scat porn, I finally began making my own just 3 years ago, and since then I’ve made almost 500 videos and I’m nowhere near done <3 Scat kinkster for LIFE! I just can’t get enough of my poop, and with this deal you get to see how my love for my kink grew more and more, from the very beginning I took my love for scat off the screen and into real-life scat play. This video bundle has 100 of my very first poop vids ever, taken with a variety of cameras, from webcam, hi-def, and GoPro, making up 13+ hours of poop action… Wow, that’s a LOT of shit!! ?

(No substitutions, sorry! Even if you own half of these videos, you’re still making out with about $1 per video you don’t already own ;)That’s a steal, for old and new fans alike!)

1. Desperate to Shit
2. Shitty Finger Fuck
3. Scat-Squirt & Pee
4. Quick Scat
5. Scat Stockings Gloves Plug Beads
6. Scat-First Time Smear Suck
7. Shitty Cell
8. Panty Pooping Virgin
9. Cumming With Shit On My Clit
10. Fingering Shit Out My Gassy Asshole
11. Fucking Shitty Hole & Smearing & Licking
12. Smearing Wet Shit Snake
13. Shitting My Thong
14. Poops Smeared Ass In Your Face
15. So Stinky!
16. PrePoop Farts
17. First Time Pooping Pantyhose
18. First Enema On Camera
19. Dirty Housekeeping
20. Three Hot Loads
21. Hot Steamy Turds
22. Close Up Piss & Shits
23. Cumming In My Shitty Thong
24. Sneaky Turds
25. Toy Play With Smearing
26. Scat Crackers
27. My Scat Domination Fantasy
28. Fingering Turds Out My Ass
29. Chunks & Chunks of Shit
30. Party Pooper
31. Oiled Up To Shit
32. Bagging My Long Thick Turds
33. Hot Shit in Heels
34. Ripping Farts & Shit
35. Smear Lick & Shit Sucking
36. Shake My Poop Filled Booty
37. Step Mom’s Shit Revenge
38. Oily Shit Tease
39. Poops Galore
40. Suck My Turds Slave
41. Fucking Shit Out My Ass & Sucking It Off
42. Fingerbanging My Poopy Butt
43. Shit & Chips
44. Dripping Pussy Poops
45. Shitting & Squirting As You Fuck Me
46. Sneaking A Shit Suck
47. Cumming In My Shitty Stockings
48. 7 Hot Dumps
49. Fucking My Ass & Shitting Hard
50. Eat My Shit
51. Under My Shitter
52. Puckering my Pooper
53. Sniffing & Smearing My Shitty Feet
54. Shitty Martini
55. Shitty Pussy Play Makes Me Cum
56. Suck My Poop Smeared Tits
57. Shit On Your Chest JOI
58. Constipated Poops In My Skirt
59. Four Dumps For You
60. Pantyhose Poop & Lick
61. Kimono Shits
62. Smearing All Over & Fucking My Ass
63. Pound My Ass & Cum On My Shit
64. Anal Play and Squirting
65. Playing With Your Food
66. Poop Vid For You While You’re Away
67. Dildo Shits & Squirting
68. Dropping 5 Thick Shits
69. Pooping My Sister’s Panties
70. Shit & Lick
71. First Upside Down Poop
72. 2 Close-Up Shits – Super Detail
73. Pooping Panties… Don’t Tell Daddy!
74. Poop And Smear In Sink
75. Squirting & Pooping
76. Swallow My Shit & Farts, Slave
77. Creamy Pussy Poops
78. Strip & Smear
79. Our Dirty Little Secret
80. 4 Hot Shits
81. Shit & Squirt With Two Toys
82. Shitting In Your Hat!
83. Smearing Fun
84. Feeding Time, Slave
85. Cute Turds
86. 5 Sexy Shits
87. Let’s Lick My Poopy Panties
88. Shitting My Shoes
89. 10 Shits
90. Gassy Farts & Pooping
91. Shit Suck & Smear Hotel Part 1
92. Shit Suck & Smear Hotel Part 2
93. Dirty Present
94. Smearing My Purse With Shit
95. Hand Feeding You My Shit
96. Gift For My Boss
97. Chewing Turds & Cumming
98. Shit My Jeans At Work
99. Fucking My Shit Smeared Hole
100. 3 Super Close-Up Shits

2 reviews for My First 100 Videos! 13 HOURS of POOP!

  1. brett (verified owner)

    13 hours of big turd heaven! You will probably need to take a vacation to make it thru them all. AAAAA+++++++ XOXOXOXOXO

  2. chivalryrocks (verified owner)

    Having partaken of but one hour of this most delightful cornucopian offering, I am a man at once satiated to the nth degree and utterly desperate for more. Such is the paradoxical nature of this visual feast. Unequivocally salacious, irresistibly erotic, Rachelle’s First 100 Videos comprise a journey like no other, for which explosions of pleasure aren’t the end, rather just the beginning….HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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