Lacy Panty Poop

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So you think I was gonna like these panties you got me for my birthday, huh? Thought I’d like wearing them for you? Letting you take them off me? Well you sure screwed up didn’t you, you actually thought I’d like these lacy white fullbacks? Pathetic! I’ll show you what I think of this cheap ass tasteless gift! I shit these panties right in your face and show it to you after, and tell you that anytime you ever get me anything below my standards, even expensive gifts, like vehicles and electrics, I’ll show you what I think of it… with my shitter!

1 review for Lacy Panty Poop

  1. Toby (verified owner)

    You definitely get the impression that Rachelle is not a fan of lace panties, however watching her shit in them is awesome. You get the awesome sight of naked Rachelle scorning you as she pushes her warm thick shit into the white lace so beautifully! When she pulls her panties down to show you her poop, you get to see her creamy pussy too! So the moral of the video is if you buy Rachelle a present make sure she hates it, you might get scorned but at least you get her to perform for you ☺.

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