Step In Cake and SUCK Toes Off




A little something special to slake your foot fetish lust and your sweet tooth… 😉

I teasingly strip off my blue, stinky old socks and wave them in your face, taunting you to take in all my scents and know that when you smell my feet it makes your cock hard, because you know where you belong–on the floor, groveling for me. But I make it sweet for you 😉 I got you a cake, see? Do you want a taste? Mm, but it looks so good, you didn’t think I’d let you have your cake before I got to eat it, too? I’ll show you what I think about that… I step my sensuous, pedicured toes into that soft, delicious cake and slowly ooze the rest of my feet onto the frosty-sweet surface, crushing it between my toes with satisfaction. Oh, look–now my feet are all messy… do you think I should clean them up..? 😉


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