Ripping Yoga Farts

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Farting in my tight yoga leggings while I talk about what foods I ate to make me so gassy… and trying to actually do yoga with a bloated, gassy stomach! I swear, all these stinky farts are taking me hostage 😉 At some points I can’t even finish a sentence without my ass interrupting!

2 reviews for Ripping Yoga Farts

  1. (verified owner)

    This is a must buy; her ass looks incredible( as always) in yoga pants and the farts just keep on coming out. Definitely one of her best videos.

  2. lyssa (verified owner)

    Rachelle’s tits drive me crazy. They look delicious braless in that white tee. Great farts rumble out of her phat ass while she stretches and bends…yummm

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