Panty-Sniffer CAUGHT! Punishment By FARTS

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You caught me sniffing your dirty panties in your hamper. You’ve taken these panties from my room, that you knew belonged in the hamper, and am now punishing me. Since I seem to have been sniffing the booty area of those undies you punish me by farting in my face in those various panties.

2 reviews for Panty-Sniffer CAUGHT! Punishment By FARTS

  1. atlantique (verified owner)

    i cant believe i held my load with you humiliating me for having your panties in the beginning [since i do] nghhh the resttt omg ythre rest f the video turned my brain to a dopamine slurry mush ???

  2. MAST3RBOI805 (verified owner)

    Honestly this has to be one of my favorite videos of her. The way she humiliates you and punishes you with her hot gas is a dream come true. I love when she pulls her undies to the side and farts on my face. Little does she know I’m into it. Rachel always delivering the best content. I busted the biggest nut ever. When she bends over and farts, I wish I could put my mouth around her anus and swallow them. Her videos are worth every penny. 🤑🥰🤤

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