MEGA FARTS Bundle! 4 Clips




I’m kinda famous for being such a Fart Queen… and for good reason! With my tiny waist, wide hips and thick bubble butt, every blast from this ass is powered by loud, rumbling, STINKY sexuality… Enjoy each gift of “fresh air” from my behind as I blow you away over and over again with my massive smelly farts! Enjoy 50% off with this bundle deal 🙂

“Wet NASTY Farts, Squirting and Shitting”
Without a doubt the NASTIEST wet farts I’ve ever had!! I felt a little gassy before I hit record, but my surprise and shock is totally honest–I had NO idea I had so many blasters inside me! This video is FILLED with nasty fucking farts, and they’re LOUD, too. The longest and loudest one is 6 seconds, I shit you not. Incredibly hot vid, I fart all these nasty wet farts til I feel like I’m gonna die, then pound my pussy with my Gspot dildo til I cum squirting so hard that I actually shit!! Then I fart some more. Dear God, if you’re a fart lover, you need to grab your cock and watch this. Unf.

“GASSY Squirting Orgasm!”
Oh baby, I’ve been dying for you to come home from work, cuz I’ve been holding in all these farts for you! I tell you what I ate and how gassy it’s made me, and blast all my hot nasty farts in your face while I moan in pleasure and arousal, telling you how much my stinky farts are making me horny… mm, looks like they’re making us BOTH horny ? Watch as I tease you with my gaping, winking stinker while wafting my dank anal scent in your face, and make myself SQUIRT to the smell of my own farts! <3

“Mommy’s Obnoxious Farts”
“You come home from an event, after eating a little too much, and are extremely gassy from the foods you ate. You sit on the sofa, and proceed to rip the loudest longest bubbliest farts you ever had. Your son is in the room, and you’re not even the slightest bit embarrassed by him hearing your insane obnoxious blasts, and just laugh it off at first, then continue farting while apologizing to him. Your son is secretly turned on by your farts and refuses to leave. You have no idea that it turns him on, so you just continue to fart away. You’re playing on your phone the whole time switching legs sitting, and then lay on your side, ass towards the camera, and continue to rip the most musical farts you possibly can. Eventually your son leaves to go jerk off in the bathroom while listening to you continue to fart loud bubbly farts, and you never suspect its actually turning him on.”

“Suck My Farts, Loser”
I’ve just finished a workout and came over to the table to sit down and relax, and see you sitting there as if you were expecting something from me. How dare you wait here as if I *owe* you anything, slave. You deserve to be punished for not being a good slave! Open up your mouth, loser–I’m going to suffocate you with my nasty FARTS! I shake my ass and mock you for finding my farts sexy–I even fart out a turd and have you eat it for me–this is all your good for, you worthless loser. Now huff my ass, slave, and thank your Mistress for even giving you the time of day to let her smell her farts and eat her shit, you loser.


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