I NEED You To Sniff My FARTS

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Hey babe, get behind me for a sec, would yah? I need you to do something for me. Put your face right up to my ass and hold it there…. you ready? Good! I blast your face with hot stinky farts and I need you to sniff them up for me! Huff up my stinky gas, babe. Let me twerk-fart in your face. Do you like my dirty feet, too? I can’t keep all this stink to myself 😉

2 reviews for I NEED You To Sniff My FARTS

  1. aj (verified owner)

    Fucking awesome!

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    One of my favorite fart videos you have done. Love the way your ass looks. The angles the farts the verbals everything is pretty perfect

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