Gassy BLASTS! Smelly Bundle of Farts




30% off 4 STINKY, NOISY fart vids! Enjoy this bundle and all the explosive poots and toots I blast out my ass!

“Catholic Schoolgirl Fart Punishment”
Ooh, boy. Another perv. Time for my favorite pastime: a round of humiliating blackmail <3 We saw you peeping on us girls, and I took a vid to prove it. Now you’re going to do everything I say or I’ll report you to the authorities. Ready….?

Now sit still, as I turn around, bend over… and fart right in your face over and over again! You like the smell of my farts, pervert? Ooh, aren’t they stinky?! Huff them all, you’re not allowed to turn away or hold your breath. Sniff them up! I don’t care if you suffocate. In fact, you’re not even allowed to complain. I’m going easy on you.

I fart and fart until I feel my butt getting full, and pull down my panties–showing you my dirty pussy, I made sure to leave little toilet paper bits to humiliate you even more 😉 I laugh and push out little turds and blow sharts right at you! I can’t help but laugh–you brought this on yourself! You know what? I’m upping the ante on this. It’s not good enough that all those little Catholic poops of mine are wasted like that–pick them up, and give yourself a shit mustache. Go on, wipe my poop on your upper lip! xD How’s THAT smell? Hahaha, fucking loser! Enjoy the stink of my shit while I keep blasting hot smelly farts all over your face!

“Beer Farts Wake You Up!”
So basically we’ve been dating for a few weeks and you have no idea about my farts yet. We sleep over at my house, we went out the night before got really drunk and I drank a lot of beer, so the next morning my huge beer farts wake you up! Once you tell me you don’t mind my farts, I let them rip! You finally admit they’re actually turning you on, and I decide, okay, let’s take this to the bathroom!

I cramp and strain and fart, bloated and blowing up the toilet bowl, and then talk dirty to you until you cum everywhere listening to me fart over and over. I really didn’t want to wake you up with my beer farts but now I’m glad I did!

“Office ASSistant Fart Blasts”
I play your office assistant taking a break in the break room at work, when you realize I’ve discovered your secret kink–women farting! I use this delicious bit of info as leverage–and fart teasingly around you, until you’re completely hooked by my ass. That’s right, I can fart on command. Tell you what–you wanna have an assistant who’ll fart on you all day, and let you sniff them up? Then give me a raise, boss 😉 Oh, you trying to lowball me? I bet I’m gonna get myself a fat percentage by the time you’ve smelled this booty! I blast your face with hot, smelly, noisy farts, until you’ve succumbed to my new rates. You wanna keep me around, then you gotta pay!

“Just Can’t Stop Farting”
Ooh, babe, we have to get going! There’s no way I can miss this event… honestly, I’m not feeling that good though, are you sure we had our regular lunch? I’m just feeling a little cramped… I’m sure it’s nothing, I can still power make it…Uurgh, another wave just hit. Ok, I can power through this…. Oww.. Babe, can you get me some pepto bismol? Then I’m gonna grab my purse and we’re gonna get going… I get up to grab it and then a HUGE wave of pain crashes over me and I let out a nasty fart. Urhg! I beg you to get the pepto again and decide to try to push out some of these nasty farts before we have to get in the car….. but as I keep farting and farting, they just get worse and worse!!! I roll around in gassy agony nearly nonstop, farting loud, stinky farts until sharts come out my ass–and you’re stuck in the bathroom too, I don’t get any medicine for relief, I’m just held hostage by my nasty, boiling farts!


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