Farts in My Thong… Juicy Finish!

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Long, nasty and naughty farts in my sweet lacy thong! I waft these stinkers right in your face, and launch them in your mouth… Make sure to open wide, I want you to feel my farts hit the back of your throat! 😉 Exhale deeply for me, so when you inhale again, all you’ll breathe into your lungs is my STINK! Get your face under me to take my nasty sharty farts and my ass juice finish!

3 reviews for Farts in My Thong… Juicy Finish!

  1. aj (verified owner)

    Very satisfying 🙂

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Juicy. Does not disappoint!

  3. atlantique (verified owner)

    amazinggg.. this was so good I paid for a sequel custom video to it x)

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