Erotic Farts

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Oh my god! I’ve been so goddamn gassy all day, my tummy is all bloated from eating broccoli… I rip some LOUD noxious farts through my hot pink cheeky panties and strip down while I blow up the place. And they STINK! You can even see the crown of a turd when I pucker my stinkhole at you! Christ, I can still feel more gas in my tummy… you don’t mind if I just fart all night, do you? 😉

(for the curious, yes I had a few booboos on my tummy due to an irritant but they’re very tiny, and the vid and my farts are all still hot as fuck 😉 Get drunk on my gassy ass!)

1 review for Erotic Farts

  1. Ayodele (verified owner)

    I just love fart videos like this where you have your phat ass facing the camera and you let out delicious bubbly farts; man I can just taste those lovely farts. I would just love it if you did more fart vids like this.

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