Auntie’s GAS Chamber

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Your POV perspective 😉

“I have arrived at my Aunt’s house to help with some chores. You are wearing just a tank top and yoga pants and you say you are so happy I came over to help out my Aunt. You have shown me into the bathroom where you need some work done. Unfortunately the door closes behind us and we get stuck in the bathroom together. It does not take long before your stomach starts to feel upset.

You apologize to me that unfortunately you have to poo and I am just going to have to deal with watching you sit on the toilet. So you sit on the toilet and start to go and again you apologize but you have to go real bad. You complain that it smells so bad and that its like a gas chamber in here. Soon after though, you start to realize that I have an erection. You are surprised by this and can’t believe I enjoy your farts. You tease me a little bit about liking my Aunt’s farts 😉

Then I ask if you would be willing to fart in my face. You are a bit reluctant at first since I am your nephew but end up agreeing to it on one condition. I have to let you do it bare ass while you sit above me. You fart over the edge of the toilet above me, blasting my face. You tease me a bit more before you sit your bare butt down and blast me with every fart you’ve got. When your done you stand up, pull up your pants, smile down at me and let me know you had so much fun. Then you look down towards my penis and comment on how it looks like I had fun too.”

1 review for Auntie’s GAS Chamber

  1. MAST3RBOI805 (verified owner)

    This is the first video I ever saw of love Rachel. I saw it on pornhub and thats when I realized that I had a serious fart fetish. Her ass the way she smiles and farts out that delicious gas. I had to find out who she was and man I was not disappointed. I lost count on how many times love Rachelle has made me cum. And this video is number 1# for sure. I wish I had a sexy aunt like Rachelle to torture me. Especially when she farts directly on your face heaven! The view of her ass drives me crazy and those farts make me cum. Great video I had to purchase it because I enjoyed it so much and I love supporting Rachelle plus I need the HD! and I can’t get enough.

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