Every now and then you’ll need some help. ¬†So, I’ve made this page to assist you with the most common support info.

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Cant get a movie to play?

This is usually one of two things….

First, and the most common, is your download was interrupted and incomplete. Try re-downloading the file again. If you’ve bought multiple videos, download them one at a time, instead of all at once. Some movies are small, some movies can be a few gigabytes in size!

Second, your movie player is probably out of date or just junk. ūüôā ¬†Videos require CODECs to work properly, and most movie players included with Windows or MacOS dont automatically use the latest version. ¬†If you’re using QuickTime or Windows Media Player you most likely WILL have problems at some point when downloading movies from any clip store on the Internet. We strongly recommend upgrading to one of these FREE video players, they are the best around and continually updated.

If the video is too large and you have an older computer and need to lower the video quality to play it, you can downconvert it with Handbrake, also freeware (windows).

Finally, NEVER try and download the videos to your Smartphone.  Despite their name, they are not smart and will try to stream the file.  These movies are of such high quality and such a large file size that they arent streamable, and it will use up your available downloads quickly because it auto connects to retry each time.  No smartphones, no iPhones, no Androids.  Some tablets work OK to download, some have problems.  Your mileage will vary depending on the tablet.  The best practice is to download on a laptop or a desktop computer, and then send them to your smart device.

Where do I see the downloads I bought?

On the menu bar you’ll see Buyers Dashboard. In there, you can see a list of all your orders, as well as a link to download anything you’ve bought.

Terms of Service

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