Now that I’ve made not just brownies, chocolate shit cookie sandwiches and twinkies, but also muffins, and finally, poo-nut butter cups, I’ve decided it’s time to treat all you bulk-fans who wanna try sampling all my delicious treats! And how can I blame you? I’ve tasted my shit, and my tasty brownies, muffins and cups myself, and they’re to die for! In fact, this order comes with videos of me EATING some of my shit! Trust me, I know why you guys love them, too 😉 You can basically eat the brownies, cups, and muffins in public without anyone being able to guess you’re actually eating my shit! So for all you crap-connoisseurs, and public-scat lovers out there, I can’t wait to hear what you think when you’ve tried all my treats for 15% off. Yum!